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Huawei P9 Lite

Super thin body with metal bezels, 13MP Rear camera + 8M Front camera, 5.2" FHD Display, Kirin 650 64bit Chipset, Fingerprint 2.0 (0.5sec unlock)

HUAWEI P9 lite



Turn the dreams of tomorrow into today’s reality with the Huawei P9 lite, successor of the P8 lite. It features a number of innovative hardware upgrades showcased in a cutting-edge slim design. Take hold of a next generation smart device that combines dynamic design with breathtaking style in perfect harmony, all at a competitive price.


Showcasing a cutting-edge slim design, Venus features detailed elements and dynamic patterns that all come together in beautiful harmony.


Super Model Thin

Featuring the expanded screen-to-body ratio of 76.4%, Huawei P9 lite will surely impress you with its elegant ID design and metallic bezel. With a 5.2 inch FHD in-cell screen and a wider color gamut, all fitted to a slimmer frame, it gives you greater detail, all in one delicately finished alloy frame


Precision picture taking

Huawei P9 lite lets you capture anything you can imagine with a new 13MP SONY IMX214 image sensor. It features a large F2.0 aperture that can lead to high quality images you can see in every video or photo.

Simply the strongest security

Get the best security that allows easy access only to you. Huawei P9 lite uses a specialized chip-level fingerprint security integrated with ARM®TrustZone® technology, so you can keep what’s precious to you safe in your own hands.


Audio Dynamite

Let every note stand out. The Huawei P9 lite features a HiSilicon Hi6402 audio DSP, 9 V Smart PA, with an integrated speaker design, which produces an unparalleled sound quality unheard of in any other smart device.

Keep On, Keeping On

Have the power to accomplish all without any wasted energy. Remarkably improving standby time and handling background apps efficiently and effectively, the 3000mAh battery and SmartPower 4.0 optimize the user experience to the greatest extent.


Groundbreaking Performance that’s easy to process

The future is now in the palm of your hands. Powered by 16nm HiSilicon Kirin 650 processor, Huawei P9 lite delivers a better experience, which affords excellent performance and low power consumption.

Syarat dan Ketentuan Huawei P9 Lite Gold

  • Beli Huawei P9 lite Gold sekarang (periode 23-30 September 2016) di dan dapatkan aneka FREE GIFT senilai Rp1,2 juta.
  • Free Gift yang bisa Sahabat ESer dapatkan, yaitu: Huawei Band Smartwatch, Tripod mini, Ring Holder, Clip on Camera
  • Selain Free Gift, ada FREE ongkir juga untuk Sahabat ESer yang berdomisili di Jabodetabek.
  • Tidak ada Cash Back
  • Produk dijamin original dan sudah termasuk Asuransi
  • Pengiriman dengan JNE YES (one day service)
  • Pembayaran menggunakan kartu kredit cicilan, satu kartu hanya untuk satu unit dan satu kali transaksi
  • Khusus kartu kredit Mandiri belum bisa menggunakan layanan cicilan

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